How did the Demartini Method® originate?

At age 17, shortly after a near death experience, and upon meeting an amazing and inspiring teacher named Paul C. Bragg, John had a dream and vision to become a great teacher, healer and philosopher, to travel the world and step foot on every country on the face of the Earth, to share his research findings with those who were receptive and to live an amazing and privileged life. At age 18, while sitting on the floor of his room at his parent’s home, he began reading The Discourse on Metaphysics by Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz, the German philosopher.

In the first chapter of this great classical book Leibniz shared his insights concerning what he called the divine perfection, divine beauty and divine order in the universe. He believed there was an underlying, hidden order in the universe that very few people ever became aware of or understood. Their lives of those who did were changed forever, but the majority of people would never come to know the divine order. As he read further, tears of inspiration came to his eyes. He felt in his heart that what he was sharing had some morsel of truth in it. John dreamed of being one of the few who became aware of and understood this hidden order.

From that moment on he set out to find the universal principles that governed such an underlying order. This exploration led him to studying everything and anything that he could find that might assist him in this endeavor. He explored many disciplines – physics, astronomy, cosmology, mathematics, chemistry, theology, metaphysics, psychology, neurology and many dozens of others – all for the purpose of hopefully unveiling the keys to this underlying order.

During those early months of research he came upon a sub-discipline of physics, called Quantum Physics. It was during this detailed study that he was introduced to the mind-expanding concepts of particles and waves, collapsing wave functions, and the generation and annihilation of particles. It is here that an intuitive leap occurred. It had been discovered in quantum physics that when charged particles of matter and their complementary opposite antiparticles of antimatter collided – light emerged. At once I wondered if two charged, yet complementary opposite emotional states were to be united, could ‘enlightenment’ emerge. This was the very conception of The Demartini Method®. He pondered the possibility that true science (physics) and true religion (metaphysics) were somehow the same and both were somehow united by light.

Around the same time he also came upon a series of texts entitled the World of Mathematics by James Newman. The last chapter of the third text of this series was discussing ‘divine beauty’. Here it discussed how, when certain mathematical proportions were used in architectural design, they were perceived as sacred and initiated a state of grateful awe and inspiration in the human psyche of those viewing the edifice. He wondered at the time whether these same proportions could somehow be realized in human perceptions at will and whether they could be recognized and inherent in natural daily events.

Over the years since then, he discovered that not only were these proportions lying within daily events but, that through a series of complementary quality questions, these awe-inspiring states could be realized and systematically initiated. The Demartini Method® was born.

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