What Our Clients Say

I can highly recommend working with Mai Mai.  Not only did I obtain incredible value from our work together, I feel truely grateful for Mai Mai’s capacity to explained the depth of what was  behind the different processes and exercises, she brought to our work.

I was very comfortable with non denominational spiritual framework, as it helped me see into “different worlds of meaning”, way beyond the pragmatic challenges of what I was dealing with. This helped me see things in a new light.

Mai Mai skilfully moved with me as I processed things in my own way, helping me work through body and release old memories and fixed ideas that have been so harming to me, thank you Mai Mai

Nicola Lambert

Transpersonal Coach, Institute of Transpersonal Coaching

A heart felt knowing and acceptance of my traits. It’s a relief that I don’t live in a one-sided world.I feel more humble and apprecitive of my journey in life. It’s been wonderful to have the time to get to know and understand me more.

Andrew Wu

Senior Psychologist

This day proved to be a most valuable and amazing experience. It provided an awareness that conflicts, relationships and day to day issues can be dealt with in a process that turns your mind around to realise that there is a balance in everything that we do. It helped to know that support is always with us and with each drawback there is a benefit.

This course will stay with me and give me much information to think about. Mai Mai presented a caring thoughtful day with wonderful hospitality. Thank you. I am most grateful.

Julie Palmer


Greater depth of understanding of Demartini Method. Aware of synchronicity of the balance of the Universe. Breakthrough of value judgements made on self both those perceived as positive or negative of traits where there was fantasy/phillia before.

Achieved state of equinimity at end of day with love and gratitude.

Barbara Tooth

Senior Psychologist


“I am a qualified transpersonal coach, Trained Demartini Method Facilitator and Demartini Values Facilitator. These allows me to help people transform deeper inter and intra personal issues that could stand in their way of achieving an abundant and fulfilling life.

I also studied other modalities that would help me support my clients including Chinese medicine, Qigong, Reiki, breathwork, cranial sacral therapy and bodywork

Whilst helping others manage their finances in an effective way, I found many were also struggling with non-financial related problems. That prompted me to explore other avenues to assist them in their personal and professional lives, which in turn helped them achieve strong financial health and wellbeing”.

I have been receiving coaching from Maimai over this last year as I have had ongoing struggles with money & my relationship with it. I found this was aslo affecting my relationships both personal & business. It was also having ongoing impact on my self esteem. Since I have been working with Maimai she has given me clarity around how money works & how you can make just a few changes to great effect.

I am managing my finances now and this has a profound influence on the rest of my life. I am calmer and more centred without the anxiety I have previously suffered and I have increased my productivity as a result.

I look forward to continuing to implement these strategies in order to reach the financial freedom that Maimai has showed me very clearly how to make possible. I have enormous gratitude for these tools.

Jane Eyles

When I first heard Mai Mai speak about the method for dissolving emotional charges, I knew it and she was right for me. The method is amazing, but Mai Mai’s inner strength and energy enables me to feel safe, which means I can be very honest. This means that my healing is happening fast. I always leave her feeling empowered and still. She is amazing!

Tina Meyer

Mai Mai is a fantastic facilitator. She has provided me with knowledge and through that knowledge, I am empowered with confidence to better my finances but also my outlook on myself and where I want to be in life.

Bernadette Motulalo

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